Friday, February 17, 2012


I'm a very social person who comes across as really nice in public but don't let the face fool you, in the bedroom there is a complete transformation. I turn into this kinky sex freak. Whether I'm laying the pipe or getting fucked it's all about being more kinky and freaky than the last time! Bondage and complete control is a must when i'm putting it down! I like to choke and pin my nigga down and make them take this dick. When i'm getting fucked it's the opposite, I want someone to make me their Bitch and talk shit to me the whole time. Shoving dick down my throat til I gag and busting a good nut on my body is a turn and and get me ready for Round 2!

My sexual fantasy is to do a scene with two masculine,big dick, bottoms wearing military gear! All that aggression in one room is definitely going to be hot...Combat boots, Patrol Caps the whole 9! Watching them compete for the dick like some puppies over a bone! THAT'S HOT! 

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