Saturday, February 25, 2012

Presents Rockstar


Im Rockstar and im a btm 5'7 145 carmel skin tone love to go out chill with my bois and most of all going to the mall and doin wat I do best in bed. The kind of sex I enjoy is ruff sex I like for a nigga to give it to me deep hard and rough and talk to me hard like they own me. A fantasy I always had is getting down with the king Thugzilla although we have had phone sex a couple of times he is a very close friend. If me and him where together kicking it together on a regular day me and him would have to get to it "fuck me hard nigga danm" lol as im thinking now @ the moment but back to it I plan to bring alot to the game im down for wateva and love it doggystyle mean while enjoy the pics and look for more of me to appear maybe the first video with Thugzilla. Lmao im out Rockstar 

Friday, February 17, 2012


I'm a very social person who comes across as really nice in public but don't let the face fool you, in the bedroom there is a complete transformation. I turn into this kinky sex freak. Whether I'm laying the pipe or getting fucked it's all about being more kinky and freaky than the last time! Bondage and complete control is a must when i'm putting it down! I like to choke and pin my nigga down and make them take this dick. When i'm getting fucked it's the opposite, I want someone to make me their Bitch and talk shit to me the whole time. Shoving dick down my throat til I gag and busting a good nut on my body is a turn and and get me ready for Round 2!

My sexual fantasy is to do a scene with two masculine,big dick, bottoms wearing military gear! All that aggression in one room is definitely going to be hot...Combat boots, Patrol Caps the whole 9! Watching them compete for the dick like some puppies over a bone! THAT'S HOT! 

Monday, February 13, 2012


Sup Thugs? Reo Michales here. 22 years old, 5’8, 125IBS.  I call myself a pretty boy because I’m always looking fresh in my skinnies and Jordan shoes. I’m an “Oreo” black on the out, white on the in, so you can call me a little white boy if you want. Most of the time I’m pretty shy and quiet but don’t let this fool you when it brings us to the bedroom.  I’m Versatile, but I like to top more than bottom, especially if it’s a nice white boy ass. During sex I can be slow and gentle but one flip of a switch I can become an amazing power top. I’ll tare your ass to pieces with the huge cock that I have right after I make you wet and eat that hole! My major turn on is a really hot ass, followed by a nice sexy body. Rimming is my specialty, could eat an ass out so good I bet I can make you nut, I’ve done it before. I love toys, and have a huge underwear fetish. I can get off pretty fast jacking off but when it comes to sex I can last for a while, and most the time my cum shot just keeps building and building until I cum and it squirts over my head, all over my chest and sometimes even on my face or mouth. A few fantasies I have, is sex on the beach, I would love to have one really hot fuck on the beach in the sun. Heat get’s me really horny. Hot showers are the best, love hot tubs and anything else that will keep me warm and horny. Another fantasy is an emergency stop in an elevator with some really hot top who just has to fuck my ass really good before returning back to work or wherever it is that he’s going. Any man in uniform is a turn on. If an officer pulls me over you bet he’d rather punish me by pounding my tight hole instead of giving me a ticket. If he’s a dick cop, I’ll fuck the shit out of him and then say fuck your ticket as I nut on the ticket and shove it back in his mouth and speed off (He know he’s likes it like that). Straight guys are one of my main interests. I have blown a few in the past and they have come back asking for another good blow. Well this is pretty much the basics. As you get to know me and watch my videos you will find out more.
                                                                                                                                      Peace out Thugs.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012


I'm into thug type niggas or really niggas who can fuck good. I like a bottom who loves taking dick and a top who can smash the fuck outta me. I also have a fetish for getting my ass ate real good and a nigga who can cumm alot like a water fountain. I think I surpass the description of a freak. Nigga love trying different positions.