Saturday, February 25, 2012

Presents Rockstar


Im Rockstar and im a btm 5'7 145 carmel skin tone love to go out chill with my bois and most of all going to the mall and doin wat I do best in bed. The kind of sex I enjoy is ruff sex I like for a nigga to give it to me deep hard and rough and talk to me hard like they own me. A fantasy I always had is getting down with the king Thugzilla although we have had phone sex a couple of times he is a very close friend. If me and him where together kicking it together on a regular day me and him would have to get to it "fuck me hard nigga danm" lol as im thinking now @ the moment but back to it I plan to bring alot to the game im down for wateva and love it doggystyle mean while enjoy the pics and look for more of me to appear maybe the first video with Thugzilla. Lmao im out Rockstar 

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